“Researchers propose simple fix to thwart e-voting attack”

This had better become required by law, and soon, if the government wants people to trust electronic voting machines. Every security expert who’s even glanced at them has been appalled at how easily they can be manipulated.

Related and possibly-interesting note: a significant part of one of the Stainless Steel Rat books — written long before the first electronic voting machines made their debut — revolved around a rigged electronic voting system. The main character knew that the electronic system would be rigged, and was counting on it, because he’d found a clause in the constitution of the planet in question that allowed him to force a manually-counted election if the electronic one was shown to be grossly in error. The manual one was even more rigged than the electronic one, but since it was manual, the current dictator President found it much harder to cheat — and the good guys found it much easier. The end result was very, VERY close, but I’m sure you can guess the outcome. 🙂


  1. Cheatable voting machines are not a bug, they are a feature. Some of our presidents, including Jack Kennedy and possibly GW Bush, were elected with suspect balloting. An uncheatable system takes all the fun out of machine politics. (No pun intended!)

  2. Thanks, but I prefer my politics less fun. Unlike the Republicans, who cheered when Bush claimed unprecedented Presidential privilege that they’re now howling when Obama uses too, I know that whatever gets set up now will be (ab)used by both sides. I want the unclouded ability to kick the bastards out, regardless of which bastards are in, come election time.

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