About the Head Geek

Hello. I’m your host, popularly known as the Head Geek of Geek Drivel. If you’re here by invitation, you probably already know my “real world” identity. If you’re not, you probably don’t need to know. I’m not using my name, mostly to spare my relatives the embarrassment of association.

I have a deep interest in how people think and learn (including associated interests in memory improvement and teaching methods), religions (yes, plural, and including the non-religion of atheism), software development, science/speculative fiction and fantasy, and especially the small technologies that are casually mentioned in SF books and movies but don’t yet exist (or didn’t until recently).

I’m also fascinated by people themselves, and all their many and varied ways of thinking, and I have a wide range of friends: Christian, Jewish, neo-Pagan, atheist, and unclassifiable; heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, and asexual; factory workers, teachers, IT professionals, and business owners; world travelers and people who’ve never had any urge to leave the town they were born in. Some have university degrees in various disciplines, some went to a trade school, others never went further than a high-school diploma (and it often isn’t easy to tell which is which). Talking with them gives me invaluable insights into humanity’s many facets.

I’m male, I have several projects on the go (including Project X), I’m married to a wonderful lady that I call GoddessJ, I have brown hair and eyes, and I freckle easily. Everything else, as the late science-fiction author Anne McCaffrey said of herself, “is subject to change without notice.”

One thing to note: although I’m tolerant of most things, I cannot stand either deliberate ignorance or any sort of rejection of reality in favor of the pronouncements of authority or holy books. Believe what you wish, but I reserve the right to greet comments that reflect either with public scorn and ridicule, depending on how thinly my tolerance is stretched that day.

— Head Geek
December, 2011