Weird WordPress Crash

I have a widget on my browser’s home page that shows me what’s going on on several other pages, and Geek Drivel is one of them. Today when I sat down at the computer, I discovered that it apparently didn’t have any posts whatsoever. As I’d had close to two thousand posts the last time I looked, something was obviously wrong.

I tried to log in to find out what. It didn’t recognize my password. Something was obviously seriously wrong.

Fortunately I keep backups. The last one was from yesterday, but before I blindly restored it, I took a look… it only had one user account in it, and that account wasn’t mine. (It was a spambot that logged in yesterday, I don’t think it was related to the problem.) The previous week’s backup showed no users at all, but the one done on Christmas day was fine, so that’s the one that got restored.

The moral of the story, kids, is to always keep backups — LOTS of backups!

UPDATE, 2014-02-24: It just happened again last night. I’d logged on to delete an obvious spam account, and saw that there were a couple updates to plugins that are used here. Went to see the change-logs for them and suddenly got a login prompt again. Checked the user database, and sure enough, there was only one user still listed there, and it wasn’t me.

No idea what’s causing this, but it’s very annoying. Nothing lost (yet), so I’ll stick with it for now.