“Whatever happened to the IPv4 address crisis?”

After I wrote about it so much, it’s odd to me that everyone else has gone so silent on the IPv4/IPv6 transition. Here’s the latest on it.

On my side, my router is still the same “venerable” model that doesn’t offer any IPv6 support, but apparently my ISP is moving in that direction, so that may soon be the only thing standing between me and IPv6 connectivity. I’ll be happy to upgrade the router… once I find an IPv6-capable one that has a really good firewall, because IPv6 removes some levels of safety against being hacked.


  1. Once you find such a router, let me know about it if it’s a good one.

    The one I (we, as you know) have has very fast ethernet ports for a consumer router, and decent wifi for a single-band router. If affordable very high speed Internet comes to my area, and it may as it has a major high-tech area, I’ll find that useful, as it’s one of the few consumer routers, at least as of a couple of years ago I haven’t kept up with the new crop of “AC” routers or new models of other high-end ones, that can keep up with 100-megabit or more Internet without bandwidth problems.

  2. I haven’t found any reason to upgrade yet, much less a compelling reason. The router I’ve got does everything I need at present, and it’s not like I’ll have to worry about 100-megabit bandwidths here any time soon. 🙂

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