“Tumblr users fight SOPA with 87,834 calls to Congress”

It wasn’t just Tumblr users, either. Demand Progress delivered over seven hundred thousand e-mails as well, including mine.

Sorry, music and movie industries. The people won’t stand for such draconian and heavy-handed attempts at censorship to protect your outdated business models. You’re going to have to do what every industry eventually does: adapt or die.

To everyone else: they’re not going to give up. No matter how many times they’re defeated, they will continue trying to twist the laws of every country to suit themselves. We’ve got to keep a careful eye on them, and block anything and everything that they attempt that isn’t fair and balanced to everyone. Something they obviously don’t even consider when dictating their legal “suggestions” to their bought and paid-for politicians.


  1. A dismaying number of politicians are. Fortunately, the people ultimately elect the politicians, not the corporations.

    • That’s true, but their only opposition are Republicans, who are just as bad as they are. So I really can’t vote this policy support out, so far.

    • Get someone to run against them as a Democrat, or get a credible independent to run, or start a new political party… there are lots of ways that a motivated person could fight this sort of thing. But Americans are comfortable, there are too few people willing to do what it would take to take our government back from the current crop of politicians. That may change in time, we’ll see.

      • New York, unless I was a billionaire like Mike Bloomberg (I), would be one of the last places I’d try that. The Democrats have a formidable political machine; many observers say the reason why Mike Bloomberg ran as a Republican at first (now an independent) even though he was a life-long-Democrat before then was because the Democrats’ machine would make even his billions not be able to bring him the nomination. The Republican Party at least, could be bought with the money. 😉

      • There are other places to start, you can tackle the old-boy strongholds like New York once you’ve got some leverage elsewhere.

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