Winston, our Mighty Hunter

As mentioned before (in posts such as this one), we share our house with three feline companions. Winston has always been our problem child, usually by his attitude that litter boxes are optional equipment. He’s also the original scaredy-cat, almost always looking around wide-eyed and running away from everything, including us. Last night GoddessJ, who …

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“News stories about stupid young people make old people feel good”

As I’ve mentioned before, my adoptive father listened almost solely to country music, by preference the old-school “my pickup broke down, my wife left me, and my dog died” kind. And being a very selfish person, he had no problem with making the entire family listen to it during interminably long car trips, while he …

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University Students

The students are back in town, very obvious in their official school tee-shirts (and by the fact that the city’s population has jumped by nearly 20% in the last couple weeks — and the traffic has gotten worse all out of proportion to that). While driving yesterday, I saw four groups of such students, and …

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“Advice for Britons on serving foreign guests”

Some of these are interesting, others are amusing. Especially since I know several Canadians (and yes, several of them would take offense if you called them American, and almost all of them would quickly correct you), and a couple who’ve spent several years in Japan and have adopted some of the Japanese culture. And my …

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Our Nocturnal Visitor, Part III

The sturdy mini-trash-cans that I talked about last time seem to have done the trick, but they needed some extra help. As I mentioned, Ralph and his relatives didn’t give up easily. It took them several days, but they figured out how to open those cans too. After examining (and cleaning up) the evidence from …

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“The Rise and Fall of Homo Logicus”

I’ve finally discovered my true species classification: Homo Logicus. Or technically, Homo Sapiens Logicus, a subspecies of humanity. (As opposed to the more common subspecies, Homo Sapiens Idioticus, or the overlapping Homo Sapiens Dipshiticus, several representatives of which I’ve had the misfortune to have to deal with recently. But that’s a completely different subject.)