Scott Adams points out a possible link between creativity and boredom. I can see where he’s coming from, in that when you’re bored you’re more likely to think of something creative than when you’re too busy to think, but I’m pretty sure people can be creative even without boredom, at least in the area that …

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“How to Back Up Your Computer”

I expect most of my readers already have at least a minimal backup system in place (you do, don’t you?), but for anyone else who stumbles onto this blog, here’s a good primer for Windows and Mac systems. (People running Linux, have patience, it’s coming. EDIT, 2011-07-03: it’s here.) Believe me, if you don’t have …

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“Breakfast is Overrated”

You know, there’s something to this. For the last couple decades, I generally haven’t eaten breakfast, and I’ve found the morning to be my most productive time. I’ve heard other people talk about the link between being hungry and being energetic or creative too. It’s worth a thought.

3D Printing

3D printing is a really interesting technology that’s quickly gaining steam. With a 3D printer (like the RepRap), you can quickly make everything from shoes to your own parts for long-dead technology to your own action figure souvenirs. Future (and much larger) 3D printers might just build your next house for you. Today’s 3D printers …

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“Set Up a UPS for Crash-Free Shutdowns During Power Outages”

I was a little shocked (pun not intended) to see this article on LifeHacker. Doesn’t everybody know about Uninterruptible Power Supplies already? Then reality asserted itself, as I remembered that to most people, computers are just magic boxes. When I was running a desktop system, the UPS was a must-have item. Now that I’ve only …

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“The Many Reasons We Procrastinate, Including the Multiple Selves”

I found this to be an interesting article, but the essay that it links to fascinates me. Partly for the content, but even more for the erroneous thoughts it contains. For example: […] procrastinators know all too well the allures of the salient present, and they want to resist them. They just don’t. That’s not …

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