“Asus Eee PC 1025C Flare”

The first Asus “Eee” machine ushered in the era of the netbook. I’ve got one of them, and it’s a nice little machine. With its upgraded 2GB of memory and the 4GB solid-state drive, it’s plenty powerful for most uses (though not my usual use, which is software development); my in-laws borrowed it to take on their vacation last week, so they could keep in touch with us by e-mail, as it’s much less expensive than the alternatives.

This latest model is said to be the end of the short-lived netbook era. If so, I’m sorry to see it go, but I have to admit that its place has pretty much been taken by tablet systems like the iPad. The old guard must step aside to make room for the youth.


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  2. Not only the iPad did them in, but also low cost real laptops at the same price as a netbook. Some laptops for the past year or so have been under $500. So why get a netbook?

    • I haven’t paid a lot of attention to prices, but in that case it makes sense.

      • Just a quick glance at NewEgg reveals several 15″ laptops for $399, with cheap, but not Atom-class, processors. i3 laptops are available for $450 from dell.com. I know why you haven’t paid attention to prices though, you’re a Mac user! <grinning, ducking, and running>

        • I was just at Costco this afternoon, and saw one of those 15″ $399 laptops. Not for me, but it did look pretty nice, with 4GB of memory and a 640GB hard drive.

          It’s true that I use a MacBook Pro, but price is a concern. I went with it anyway because, at present, it suits my needs better than any PC system I’ve seen, even ones that cost half again as much. I don’t really like the OS (it’s nice, but just slightly too different from what I’m used to), but the hardware is top-notch.

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