Spam: More than 54.8% of Hits

That’s right: more than one out of every two hits on this blog recently are spam attempts. I say that because that was the percentage of the last 1,600 or so hits that were on a single post with very little content… not coincidentally, the exact same post that spammers have been pounding on without mercy for more than a year.

Yup, more than a year after they started trying (and constantly failing) to spam that message, they’re still trying. Even though they can’t even get to the comment page from that one anymore.

I’d really like to know why they’re all pounding on that particular post. A quick Google search on its URL turns up more than three hundred pages listing the same invalid link from it, on what look almost exclusively like Japanese-language blogs that have been overrun with spam, with titles that translate like “OB Football Association Board Keio Medical” or “BBS car from the exchange of information” or “Jie said the new board more” (??). I’m assuming that those were all placed there by the same spambots (though what they thought they were doing, I have no idea), or copied from sources that were.

Oh well, maybe I’ll figure it out some day.


  1. Keep going, my spam filter needs to learn to remove you too. >:-D (that’s supposed to be an evil smile, BTW.) 😉

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