“UK man exterminates record for most Daleks”

Parent, be warned. This is what happens when you refuse your child something he wants:

[…] As of this writing, he possesses 571 of the evil alien overlords after 20 years of collecting.

In a real head-scratcher, Hull isn’t a fan of the TV series that gave birth to his beloved Daleks, “Doctor Who.” According to Guinness, Hull just liked the design of Dalek toys as a child. When his mother refused to get him one, he evidently vowed to own his own plunger-waving army one day. […]

On the other hand, the guy is obviously not so socially maladjusted that he couldn’t find a mate and move out on his own, and they didn’t have to deal with continuous piercing treble chants of “exterminate! exterminate! exterminate!” for fifteen-plus years, so it may have been a net win for the parents. 😉


  1. Unless the Daleks this guy collects are full-sized replicas, I doubt that’s an issue here. 😉

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