Scammers, Part III

This is getting ridiculous… in the last three days I’ve gotten two more of those computer scam calls. One woman, one man. Both with strong India accents, but both far more understandable than the first two. Far more annoying too. The novelty has worn off, people, go screw with someone else.

For the first one I was feeling kind, so I asked the woman if she knew that this was a scam — she might think that she was hired by a legitimate company, after all. Apparently she did, because she hung up. The second I was so ticked that I just asked the guy if he had any idea how many times that scam had been tried on me. He immediately hung up too.

I might play with the next one, if I’m at the computer and not busy at the time, and not so irritated that I immediately give the game away. We’ll see.


  1. I think it would be fun to pay as the most inept computer user in the universe and see how long it takes them to either catch on or give up. 🙂

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