Odd Blog Problem

For some reason, when Geek Drivel’s hosting company upgraded PHP this morning, the server stopped handling PHP files at all. Any time I tried to go to a page on the blog, the server tried to send it to me as a download instead. Removing the “user defined MIME type” change that the company added solved the problem; I suspect a minor misconfiguration on their part.

I don’t expect any trouble from this, but if you notice anything on Geek Drivel that’s not operating as it should, please let me know ASAP.

EDIT: I’ve tested the comments (below), and everything seems to be working, so use that method to report any trouble.


  1. If you can see this, then comments (at least by logged-in users) are working, and you can report any trouble you find that way.

  2. If you can’t, that’s not a problem, If I can’t, the blog has more than just minor problems. 😉

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