Blog-Spam Attempts

Some spammer’s automated spam-bots have targeted Geek Drivel over the past few weeks, for reasons unknown. Well, okay, the surface reasons are obvious — but since they haven’t managed to get a single spam published, despite weeks of effort and hundreds of attempts per day, you’d think the spammer would notice and turn them to greener pastures.

Maybe he thinks that I’m manually deleting them, and that if he floods the blog with them, I’ll soon give up in disgust. No such luck — they fail to penetrate even my first level of defense, so I never have to see them. The only way I know about them is the small line of text on my dashboard that reports them, and the dozen or so obviously-computer-generated names that are being registered daily to try to fool whatever automated defenses I’ve got.

Keep it up, anonymous spammer. It amuses me.


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