“The healing hands of guru Dabbs”

I’ve mentioned a couple times before that machines just seem to like me. Apparently I’m not alone:

The one thing I do have in my favour is fairy dust: I have the innate ability to correct computer problems, especially software issues, by magic.

Allow me to explain. Have you read in the more fantastical papers about individuals who are incompatible with modern electronics? You know, when they go near a computer, TV set or even a washing machine, the device starts acting up? Well, Iā€™m the opposite: when I go near a computer that a user says not working properly, it mysteriously seems to sort itself out without me doing anything.

He writes tongue-in-cheek, but he may well be telling the truth about that.

More circumstantial evidence that there’s more to the universe than science presently admits… or perhaps that this can’t possibly be the real universe. šŸ˜‰


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