“Danger: massive falling pinecones”

There you go Ploni, a real-life disaster in the making: the first step in the trees’ revenge for all the logging our race has ever done. It’s a plan they put into action in the sixteenth century. In another several hundred years, they’re certain to have a full arsenal against us! We have to act now, or they’ll TAKE OVER THE WORLD! And by the way, I need lots and lots of money to develop ways to battle them… 😉


      • My youth was spent with a Reform Rabbi who liked to give sermons on how he agreed with the New York Times editorial or movie reviews of movies with Jewish themes in his sermons. Exciting stuff, well, not very. 😉 He was a nice sort of person I suppose, but it wasn’t what I was looking for, and I suspect, not what most people are looking for when they think of spirtuality. Good if you want to be an agnostic and still manage not to shock your grandparents by not belonging to a synagogue though.

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