1. Though funny, it’s also illegal. I certainly wouldn’t want to be that stranger. Nor the telemarketer (click on the comment that says ‘Relevant’) Yeah, in the end I think the harms outweigh the benefits, as you can’t really stop this, so I’m personally not a fan.

    • I don’t know about the legality (it’s probably legal, since it’s a person doing it and not a company), but I’m not a fan of practical jokes in general. I just had to post that one because it was so funny, and to let people know what they’re dealing with if anyone ever pulls it on them.

      • It might count as a prank call, and prank calls are illegal, even when performed by an individual. That information used to be even printed in the Bell yellow pages, along with a number to call to report prank calls to the authorities and allow Ma Bell to listen in to particularly egregious offenders in order to confirm the situation.

    • (Though I don’t know of anyone who would try to unsubscribe from that particular list. 😉 )

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