1. With that to as-sault your enemies with, you can pepper them with little Lego bullets until you can build (with legos) a lasting peace. If I were the Republican presidential candidate, I’d suggest our Defence department get on this one right away! Of course, DOD milspec Lego bricks are much more expensive than the regular kind… 😉

    (Sorry, just finished watching the upteenth Republican debate, where some things of a similar level of sense were proposed. Don’t worry, I’m not quite totally insane yet, because I have only watched a small fraction of these debates.)

  2. Yes, you’d definitely want seasoned veterans to handle weapons of this potency.

    (I’m just baffled by the number of Republican debates. And, for that matter, candidates. To me, both seem to suggest a level of desperation.)

    • The army vets would be stationed at an army basil.

      I don’t think its desperation, Obama’s poll figures are very low, and at one point two out of the candidates are listed as being able to beat him were the election held today. (I don’t know if that’s true now, could be, though considering the tea party flavor of the month, it’s probably a different second one out of the not-Romney candidates now…) I think more likely its that a lot of Republicans smell victory and want the job badly, so there’s a lot of candidates vying for the position.

    • They’d better get there soon, they’re running out of thyme.

      Given recent history, every Republican candidate is going to self-destruct long before the election. But there’s plenty of time for things to change.

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