“Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral”

Ever get the impression that some assholes will do anything for a little publicity? And that those same assholes generally have far too much time on their hands?

If the First Amendment were ever put on trial, these people — who I won’t explicitly name because it would give them the undeserved recognition they’re trying for — would be the prosecution’s Exhibit A. Fortunately, they were irrelevant before they even existed, and history shows that they’ll fade to oblivion like every other hate group. Twenty years from now, they’ll only be a footnote in advanced history students’ term papers.


  1. The same group, if you are talking about whom I think you’re talking about (West—- Bap—), picket Jewish synagogues in Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods during the high holidays too. Funny at those times people turn to religion the most, that’s when they act offensive. Funerals, and religious holidays that happen to be in their Bible too, albeit in version 1.0 🙂 A bunch of jerks. They’re a tiny group really, very good at finding publicity though.

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